Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mexico: Day Two

Champagne at Sunset in Lobby Bar

We survived our time share presentations and gladly accepted their tokens. Mine was not pleasant, but then again....with no intentions of buying, I probably got what I deserved.

We spent a bit of time by the pool and had a wonderful bottle of Charonnay on our patio while whale watching and gazing out at the ocean waves. I saw at least 4 hummingbirds dancing in the mouths of huge flower blossoms.....this place is so lovely.

We've met some wonderful people here and a couple from New York City, Lou and Andrea gave us the suggestion of going to an Argentinian Steak House called Patagonia for dinner. It was very quaint, clean and simplistic.

Woodfire grill attended to by Argentinian owner (this guy was just the helper)

We were so amazed and had an absolutely wonderful and inexpensive meal. Our dinner included:
Housemade Empanadas filled with beef
Steak Vacio - which is basically a marinated skirt steak
Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon (that was at least 4 inches thick)
Steaks included a tossed salad and a red baked potato with sour cream

With a glass of white wine, our bill came to $62. Amazing! The place was filled with other tourists who heard about the restaurant from word of mouth and several tables of locals...always a good sign.

I got two meals out of this 4 inch thick filet. It was fork tender, melt in your mouth!

We are not staying out too late here....both of us our tired. Spending your days by the pool and your evenings eating rich food is a lot of work!