Friday, January 28, 2011

Mexico: Day Four

Meet Pablo, a cute (but very wild) cat that we met up at the sky pool (we just had to give him a name). The cutest thing is, he found his way onto our veranda the other evening while we were having a glass of wine. Missing our own cats very much, we kinda adopted him….leaving scraps of uneaten filet mignon for him to enjoy. Don’t worry…..we are not getting too close to him!

At Ole Ole in the Marina

Wednesday marked our half way day and we spent our morning at the sky pool before getting cleaned up to take the 2PM free shuttle down to the Pueblo Bonito Rose complex and a quick walk into town.

Stacy, Patty and Sandra at Mexico Lindo

We visited with Patty Riveria who Chick met through friends many years ago when she was first introduced to Cabo. She works at Mexico Lindo Jeweler so I could help but buy by a new charm for my bracelet.

I love the marina; however, it’s very touristy, and loud but a great place to people watch and eat some awesome chips, salsa and guacamole at the Baja Cantina.

Stacy, Dennis and Sandra (Dennis and his wife drive down from Canada to Mexico every January)

After the sun set, we headed over to Pueblo Bonito Rose, a sister property of our complex and sat outside near the waters edge and met Canadian Dennis and his wife, who spend a month in Cabo every January. It's unbelievable how many fun and interesting people you can meet here (especially if you've had several margaritas).

Clouds really rolled in today......and are expected to last tomorrow as well. A good day to hit the spa.