Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mexico: Day Three

Tuesday, we spent about 6 hours by the pool. Our intent was to head into the Marina, but neither one of us wanted to leave the warmth of the sun so we threw out our “plans” and soaked in the day (and a couple of those drinks with the umbrellas).

In the afternoon, after a brief siesta, we watched the fishing boats come in with their days catch, the pirate ship cruise out to the sunset…..all while sipping on a wonderful bottle of wine (thanks to a couple of bottles tucked into our suitcases with wine skins).

For dinner, we tried DOC Wine Bar, run by Italian guys transplanted in Cabo.

I must say, Chick and I were a bit skeptical of a Cabo Wine Bar, but the place was really cute with just a few tables inside and a majority of the tables outside (unfortnately on a very busy street). Handwritten, eclectic menu, warm ambiant table lighting all under the stars of Cabo, made the evening perfect.

Wanting just a light meal and a really nice bottle of Chardonnay, we were greeted by Marco, a ethusiastic and exhuberant (very knowledgeable) Italian with a passion for this restaurant. He praised their concept of locally grown produce, fresh ingredients (only locally caught fish) and housemade pastas. He helped us navigate through the menu and assisted us with our selections.

We had a wonderful Italian Chardonnay ($28) and a gorgeous cheese platter with 5 distinct cheeses accented by honey and two kinds of berry jams for added flavor. Marco even introduced us to a new way to eat cheese.....pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Magnificant! To top off our meal, a freshly tossed mixed green salad and a basket of bread were placed on the table to enjoy.

Once again, we felt like we were taking the restauranteurs of Cabo for a RIDE! Our bill was only $53 and we left, not overly stuffed but extremely satisfied with Marco insisting that we come back for smooth jazz and salt crusted sea bass on Thursday. We will many choices, so little time.