Friday, September 5, 2008

Lee/Meager Wedding: More Photos!

The Lee Boys

After the wedding, family and friends gathered outside the church to offer congratulations and pose for some very special photos....

Brian and Kerry (father of the bride) Uncle Ken offering his congratulations

Keenan Werner (Heidi and Casey's Son) -Bible Boy

Carrie and Alex Lee

Amy, Carrie, Alex and Ken Lee

The Wedding Party

I especially liked the ones taken outside of the entire wedding party. I just stood behind the official photographer and "stole" some of her awesome shots.

After all the photos were taken, Brian and I headed off the Camarillo, California for the reception. Camarillo is named for Adolfo Camarillo, one of the few Californians to preserve the city's heritage after the arrival of Anglo settlers. Camarillo is located in the eastern Oxnard Plain, with the Santa Susana Mountains to the north, the Camarillo Hills to the northwest, the Conejo Valley to the east, and the western reaches of the Santa Monica Mountains to the south.

Reception photos to follow......

Enjoy! Stacy