Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Merry and White Christmas

Christmas Day 2007 - Brian, Stacy and Mom

Brian and I had an amazing Christmas. We are so grateful and thankful that it's hard to write about it all. Feeling more "downs" than "ups" recently, both of us really needed to dig deep to find our Christmas Spirit....but the universe opened up and gave us a lot of really nice suprises! A special thanks to all our friends and family for making this holiday truly special.

On the 23rd, we drove north to Newcastle and spent the afternoon with Rob and Kelly Clark.

They spoiled us rotten with snacks....Izze soda (my new favorite beverage) and all sorts of protein snacks to get us in the mood for hiking and biking in warmer weather. Thanks for the Christmas CD, an amazing magnetic necklace that you can wear as a bollo type tie or a bracelet too (love it) and a gift card that will come in handy! How blessed we are to have such wonderful friends!

On Christmas Eve - Brian and I watched all our favorite Christmas movies (Polar Express, It's a Wonderful Life and the Christmas Carol) while sipping on Irish Cream. The day was quiet and we enjoyed having a fire in the fireplace, reading and napping!

Our Dicken's Christmas Village 2007

On Christmas morning - Brian and I slept in until almost 8:00 and we opened our gifts to each other and a few from Brian's brother's while eating our Christmas quiche.

Santa brought Brian the DVD of the Planet Earth series, a book called F-5 about a breakout of tornados back in the mid-70's, a Lyle Lovett CD, a new lighthouse/seagull clock and a birdhouse made from a Delaware license plate.

Santa brought Stacy a string of pearls and earrings that match, the new Nigella Lawson cookbook, Los Angeles Dodger flannel pajamas, an Alman Brother's CD (Live at the Filmore) and these really cool kebab racks. We also both got lots of great stocking stuffers from Santa!

We spent a few hours on the afternoon of Christmas Day at my Mom and Kenny's place in South Seattle and no sooner did we get in the door than the snow began to fall. Not much stuck....but it was pretty to watch and made Christmas "feel" like Christmas (the first white Christmas in the Pacific NW in over 75 years).

Thanks Santa Kenny and Santa Mom for the Mariner's gift cards, wine, silver earrings, gardening calendar, Cooks Illustrated subscription and amarylis. The mimosa's were wonderful (and we will never forget the dip).

Brian and I closed out our day with a quiet Christmas dinner - a small turkey breast, mashed potatoes, Italian green beans and some stuffing. Brian also made creme de'menthe parfaits for dessert!

Christmas table - Christmas crackers from the Wooden Spoon in Edmonds

Unfortunatley, I had to take the train back to PDX this morning - work is piled high on my desk but I'll be back on the train this Friday evening for the New Year holiday - bowl games and toasting 2007 goodbye! YIPPEE!