Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rick Springfield

Last weekend was another of our Rick Springfield Road Trip Weekends only this time, Sandra and I rode Amtrak to Tacoma and caught Rick at the Emerald Queen Casino.

Brian graciously took us to see our “boyfriend” although he did not partake in the musical extravaganza (you can all quite laughing now). Rick’s not just another pretty face….the guy has got some serious talent and plays the guitar, sings and dances like he is in his 30’s (real age = late 50’s).

I think Sandra and I have seen him a half a dozen times now since that first concert at the Rose Garden back in 1999. Little did we know that one of Sandra’s co-workers was good friends with Rick’s then guitar technician. When the co-worker found out that we were going to see Rick, she organized for us to hook up with her husband, Jim who introduced us to the guitar tech, Wes and the rest is history (we’ve got the picture to prove it).

L-R – Wes, Stacy, RICK SPRINGFIELD, Sandra and Jim

Since that first concert, we’ve been hooked and we look forward to seeing Rick about once a year.

The show last Saturday at the Emerald Queen was good. Probably one of the biggest rooms we’ve seen Rick play in and unfortunately we were about half way back (room probably held 2500). The best thing was the two big screens on either side of the stage that helped those of us away from the stage.

Rick played all his “oldies"...opened the show with a 2 minute video montage before taking the stage to “Who Killed Rock N Roll” followed by “It’s Always Something” from 1999’s Karma CD. From there it was all the 80’s stuff – “Kristina”, Don’t Talk to Strangers”, “I’ve Done Everything For You”, “Love Somebody” and of course…..”Jessie’s Girl”. The show lasted close to 2 hours (no opening act) and Sandra and I danced to every song.

What a great weekend!