Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween on Rebecca Lane

We had 65 Trick-or-Treater's last night on Rebecca Lane. Our first "begger" arrived about 6:40 and our last knocked on the door at 8:40. Sandra and I turned the lights off a little after 9:00.

We had quite a few scary faces (you know that black and white "scream" face) and a few dressed as Spiderman or Batman. Most of the little girls were dressed as a Princess, right down to the high heels! The most inventive were two pre-teen girls dressed as sock know, have you ever wondered what happens to your lost socks? They had miss-matched socks all over their bodies and one big one on their heads. Cute and very original!

I dressed up like a Hawaiian Tourist! I even got a few compliments!

We still have a ton of candy!