Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday in Seattle

Brian and I spent Saturday in Seattle. I had a nice 2 hour lunch-chat with my Mom who I had not seen since Mother’s Day. It was a nice time for us to catch-up and it gave Brian a chance to re-connect with the north-end of Seattle (his old stomping ground). The picture below is of the house my Mom shares near Seward Park with two other women, although the entire top floor is hers. It's a wonderful house with lots of light and space.

(This picture was taken Mother's Day Weekend)
In the late afternoon, Brian and I headed to the Greenwood area and to Brian’s favorite pub, the 74th Street Alehouse. The place was packed as the area was hosting an antique car show, but we got a spot at the bar and had a quick drink before walking to Sonja and Geoff’s for a wedding wine tasting/BBQ.

As you can see, we had a great time at Sonja and Geoff’s - blind tasting chardonnays for their wedding reception and grilling fresh corn on the cob, garden burgers and chicken. Sonja made a yummy berry crisp for dessert and Brian and I headed back to Tacoma before dark – leaving Sonja and Geoff time to prepare for their 100 mile bike ride on Sunday.