Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chambers Bay - Tacoma, WA

Happy Wednesday!

Over the weekend, Brian and I had an up close and personal walk through the new Chambers Bay golf course set to open on June 23rd. It's situated right on the Puget Sound about 2 miles from Brian's front door. I've been watching them construct the course for the past year as the train rolls right past the course.

They've incorporated this interesting black-top walking trail through the golf course - which I initially thought was the cart path, but come to find out they are not allowing golf carts (sorry Pop) - caddies only!

Brian and I walked from Grandview street down into the course to water level on a nice trail and then through the course and back up a 10% grade to Grandview. The entire walk took us about an hour (but Brian did it in 45 minutes, 2 days later - with a slight jog).

This course will be hard to play, especially on a windy day. Check it out!