Monday, June 25, 2007

Old Town Tacoma - Cafe Divino/The Spar

Happy Monday!

Brian took me to Old Town Tacoma on Friday night after I got off the train. It was our first time exploring this area of Tacoma (south west of downtown) very close to the water (excellent views of the sunset) on one of the longest days of the year.

We started out at CafĂ© DiVino, a quaint wine bar with a nice selection of wines by the glass and an interesting - adventurous menu for such a small place. We skipped appetizers and dinner and opted to walk “kitty corner” across the street to The Spar Tavern. A total day/night experience! The Spar is Tacoma's oldest saloon with a loud and boisterous crowd for a Friday night. Brian and I had a pint of Fat Tire and watched the start of the M’s/Red’s game at Safeco Field. Dinner was a BLT (Brian) and a homemade “fishwhich” (Stacy) and the Spar’s famous homemade potato chips.

We left about twilight and discovered a beautiful neighborhood of older homes with manicured lawns and turn of the century architecture. A place we will definitely explore in the months to come!