Tuesday, December 16, 2014

50.5/52 December in Seattle Weekend Wrap Up!

Every year, Brian and I head up to the north end of Seattle to a little town called Edmonds, WA.  Last Saturday we tasted wine and cheese at Arista, shopped at small local retailers and soaked in some holiday cheer in this cute little town.

Before heading up to Edmonds, we stopped off at Wight's Home and Garden to pick out a new tree topper.  Wight's is one of the northwest's premier home and garden stores (very much like our Molbak's adventure a few weeks ago).

Their store is decorate with about 15 themed Christmas trees....and it's hard to get out of there without a few treasures!

 I love a man who knows how to shop!

After lunch at Scott's, we headed home to put the topper on our tree!

Now only 3 more sleeps until Christmas vacation!!