Tuesday, December 2, 2014

48.5/52: Thanksgiving Wrap Up!

This year, Pop, Rosemary and Steve came up early on Wednesday and Brian arrived from Seattle.

Wednesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Even though I spent, 5 hours in the kitchen prepping, with help from Rosemary (apple pie) and Pop (Aunt Pat's stuffed celery) and Brian (deviled eggs), we had the music going, the fake TV fireplace blazing and lots of laughter and stories.

Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner could not have turned out any better.  Our menu was traditional and everything came out great (including the roaster oven on the card table in the garage coking the stuffing and the sweet potatoes).

Chick's table was gorgeous and we used vintage photos as place holders.  Everyone loved the idea!

Friday was our annual Washington/Yamhill County wine tour (post to follow) which was fabulous.

Saturday it was CIVIL WAR day and the start of the Christmas season!  

We lit up the house with all our decorations and set the trees up on Sunday.

We had an awesome family filled weekend!

How was your Thanksgiving?