Friday, December 12, 2014

Old Photo Friday: Christmas Memories Part III

WHO: Mike, Steve, Stacy and Sandra (brothers with sister, I am the niece)
WHAT: Christmas Eve
WHERE: E Street - Springfield, OR
WHEN: 1980-ish

Christmas Eve around 1980, probably one of the few with all the Suter/Brady kids (minus Aunt Judy).  My Pop wrote on the back of the picture this inscription:

Mike - Steve - Stacy
Sandra - she looks like you and Mom

Aunt Judy sent a box of old photos for my Pop's 70th birthday last December and this photo was in the box.

Why am I the only one really smiling?  It's Christmas!!!!  Is Uncle Mike the house?  Doesn't Steve look like a young Jon Bon Jovi?!

Happy Holidays!