Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday Food Quiz

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I am already cooking up a storm at Rebecca Lane so no time to post a recipe this week. Instead, how about testing your Thanksgiving IQ!?

Don't cheat! Answers at the bottom! Good luck and happy eating!

1. What's the biggest turkey to tip the scales (please don't mention names of family members)
A. 52 pounds
b. 86 pounds
C. 175 pounds (um.....I think we are going to need a bigger boat, um roasting pan)

2. What do you call the bright red thingy that hangs under a turkey's chin?
A. Hoogie
B. Snood
C. Wattle
D. Beard

3. Why do we call a Turkey.....a Turkey?
A. A frightened turkey makes a turk, turk turk noise
B. The name steams from the work TUKA, which means peacock in India
C. The name comes from the native American name, FIRKEE - which rhymes with turkey
D. All the above

4. Where do turkeys originate from?
A. India
B. Mexico
C. Turkey
D. The good old U-S of A

5. Approximately what percentage of American homes eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
A. 100%
B. 88%
C. 65%
D. 50%

Scroll down for answer key!

1. B; The biggest turkey known to man weighed in at 86 pounds -- about the size of a large German Shepherd. He was raised in the United Kingdom. Most domesticated turkeys weigh between 14 to 45 pounds -- live.

2. C; The wattle is the loose skin that hangs below a turkey's beak. If you thought "snood," you would have been close. The snood is also red, but it starts at the base of the turkey's beak and hangs over the top.

3. B; Columbus thought to be in India when he encountered his first New-World turkey. There are a lot of peacocks in India, and Columbus thought the finely-plumed turkey was its relative. Turkeys actually originated in North and Central America and have existed for about 10 million years.

4. B; Early explorers to the new world acquired a taste for this bird which originally was found in Mexico. It was brought back to Europe for their fellow Europeans to try.

5. B; according to Butterball, not quite 100% of the population eats turkey on Thanksgiving. Make sure you don't go to their house for dinner!

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