Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled programming....all ready in progress!

Please forgive us! We are still here…still love blogging, but very busy and not doing many activities that have pretty pictures attached. Here is a run down of the last few weeks…

  • Brian flew from Seattle, WA to Philadelphia, PA to teach a one day class (he’s racking up the frequent flier miles this year).
  • My dear sweet Uncle Steve was struck by a vehicle while crossing Main Street in Springfield, OR on a rainy and stormy Sunday night in late October. Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated as he continues to improve and recover.
  • Steve in E Street pool September 2009
  • Chick and I attended our first Christmas “doings”….Al’s Festival of Trees the first week in November. We each came home with a Christmas treasure (and it took our minds off our troubles, if only for one evening).
  • Decorated the house for halloween/fall and cleaned out the flower beds (planted bulbs...iris, daffodil and last year's tulips). Opened the door for 18 trick-or treaters leaving us with a huge bowl of leftover candy and something munched on our front porch pumpkin nightly...very gross.

  • I was selected to the Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee and will serve a three year term which began on October 1st. Lucky for me, they held their annual meeting in Seattle this year, the first week in November. I met 24 incredible committee members from all over the United States, each with a unique background and all with a strong love of trains. I am very excited to contribute to the group.
  • Attended a wonderful dinner at Tom Douglas’s Dahlia Lounge restaurant in Seattle (thank you Amtrak) where Tom Douglas spoke to our group about the 4 course menu he created for our evening. Phenomenal event! Double "R" ranches signature hangar steak with garlic mashed potatoes and bacon~onion gravy

  • Pan roasted alaskan halibut with giant white beans in tomato, garlic rapini, cracked green olive, preserved lemon, dill
  • Panna Cotta with fresh huckleberry compote