Saturday, April 26, 2008

Maui: Day #6...Sailing on the Scotch Mist II

Pioneer Inn
Pre-Sail Cocktail
Brian and I once again took to the seas aboard the Scotch Mist II for a sunset-champagne-chocolate sail on Friday evening.

Our Friday day was quiet. Good pool and beach time. Brian finished reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" in 3 days. We had a bucket of shrimp at Bubba Gump's and found a parking spot close to the "Lahaina Cooler's" - which meant an excellent opportunity for a nightcap after our sail.

The boat was full.....21 on board so a bit cramped by our standards. The volcanic "vog" is still enveloping Maui so our sunsets have been interestingly nil - with glimpses of a hazy, pale sun.

A completely different crew this sail. An old salty dog, Gene (as Captain) and two assistants, Tony and Sara-Jo. Brian and I fantasized about renting the Scotch Mist II out for a private sail, but neither one of us could come up with the $795 (maybe our next trip). The tunes were good....Brian said "sailing with the whales and drinking champagne while listening to Van Morrison was an incredible experience."

The highlight of the sail was our incredible luck with the whales once again. This time we watched an entire pod, surface, breach and frolic in the water. It is so amazing to be so close to something so beautiful - experiencing nature up close. I took some really great video (I can't wait to share with everyone and try and figure our how to possibly post to the blog).

We are "short-timers" now.....trying to squeeze in as much as possible this weekend in anticipation of our return to normalcy.