Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maui: Day #3....Our Snorkel with the Turtles

There are days in one's life that are remembered forever. Today is such a day. Many people have snorkeled with turtles before and many will after but it was my first time. It, for me, is one of the life-list things I had to do. On a Chamber of Commerce day - perfect weather, perfect seas - we froliced with a mother humback whale and her calf off our starboard bow, snorkeled the famed reef at Molokini and swam with the turtles at "Turtle Cove". To experience watching the other-wordly environment of a coral reef reminds me of my Dad and I watching this stuff with amazement on PBS. I couldn't help thinking how proud he would be that I actually was part of that world for a short time. I wish I could tell him my astonishment seeing a four foot turtle emerge from its home in the reef, ascend 60 feet, and surface to take a breath of air, all within six feet of us. It is a feeling I will not soon forget.