Tuesday, March 1, 2016

9/52: Hapa in Seattle and an Oscar Party Sunday

Often encapsulated as the "sound of Maui" or the "Soundtrack of Hawaii" the music and sound of the group Hapa evokes a place that many people have referred to as heavenly. We heard hypnotic, liquid guitar running through Hawaiian vocals and immaculate harmonies driven by poetic lyrics that capture the rapture of the Hawaiian landscape, history and mythology.

We celebrated friend Geoff''s birthday on Saturday night with dinner and margaritas...then down the street to the Edmonds Civic Center to see one of our favorite Hawaiian musical groups, Hapa.  I've seen Hapa before in Portland and it's always a treat when they come back around to the pacific northwest.  It's been too long!

On Sunday, I left Seattle early to head back to Portland to prepare for our Oscar Party. This year I prepared a 3 course meal with sparkling wine in honor of the nominees for this year's Academy Awards.

From the Red Carpet to the after parties, Chick and I loved all the fashion, winners, losers, music and acceptance speeches.  It's become a real tradition in our house!