Sunday, February 9, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: February 10-13, 2014

Welcome Monday!

Another holiday is upon us....Valentine's Day!

If you didn't know that we were on Weight Watchers and you looked at our menu below, you'd probably faint.  Who eats Chicken Cordon Bleu and Grilled Lobster? can, and you do, if you follow some simple steps.  Rule #368 of losing weight is remembering to allow yourself to indulge every one in a while and in doing so, you'll not be tempted to cheat (okay maybe not as much). Three out of the four meals below are all weight watchers (Monday's is fairly reasonable on points).

Check out Laura's site for more menu planning ideas.


MONDAY: Skillet Pork and Cabbage with Green Beans
TUESDAY: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Broccoli
WEDNESDAY: Pre-Valentine's Dinner: Steak and Lobster
THURSDAY: Soft diet; both Chick and I have dentist appointments.  Sounds like a good night for soup or baked potato bar!