Tuesday, June 25, 2013

West Seattle Weekend Wrap-Up: Morgan Junction Festival and a New Bike

Last year, the Morgan Junction Festival was a bust!  It rained....no, it POURED all afternoon.  Most of the booths closed before they even set up and the musicians declined to "sing in the rain".

Planning an outdoor event in June, in Seattle, is a risk....but this year, it paid off.  SUNSHINE!!!!!

Brian and I took a stroll up the road last Saturday, sat in the Morgan Junction park and listened to a few tunes, walked around the festival and celebrated our West Seattle community.

West Seattle has two major intersections of note; the Admiral Junction in the northern part of the peninsula and the Morgan Street Junction at the southern end where Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Morgan Street, and California Avenue SW intersect.

"The Junction" was originally the crossing of two streetcar (trolley) lines.  When West Seattle was annexed in 1907, an additional streetcar line was added to extend down to Fauntleroy (Endolyne or End of Line).  The junction name stuck and today it is the business hearts of West Seattle, and a gathering place for community events.

Brian's new bike

On Sunday, we tested out Brian's new bike together along the Alki waterfront/Beach Drive.

We rode about 5 miles round trip in spotty drizzle and had a blast!  I see more bike rides in our future!

I requested a big plate of spaghetti for Sunday dinner complete with Brian's garlic bread.  Good thing I rode 5 miles, huh?!

How did you spend your first weekend of Summer?