Wednesday, September 7, 2016

36/52: Brian's Birthday Weekend (otherwise known as Labor Day Weekend)

It was hard for me to miss Brian's birthday last Thursday.  He's not one to complain, but I know that he probably didn't want to spend the day alone (however, he did just get over an epic road trip with my Pop to Reno).  

I took the early train to Seattle on Friday night and treated him to Mexican food at one of our favorite West Seattle Restaurants, Cactus.

Saturday we were invited to my Mom and Kenny's for a birthday lunch and we had a nice relaxing afternoon on their patio before heading home for a quiet Saturday night at home.

Sunday morning we tried a new breakfast place right on Alki Beach called Alki Cafe.  Cheers to great food and a bloody Mary to start the day!

We managed to hit Alki Beach after breakfast.  It was our first day at the beach this year.  It was a cool day, but with enough sun to really make it enjoyable.

Neither one of us said anything, but the noticeably cooler temps and earlier setting sun  (and rising sun) really made it feel like summer is ending.  Local kids have already headed back to school and Monday's holiday was the unofficial end of summer.  

It's been real, Summer 2016.