Tuesday, December 1, 2015

48/52: Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a quiet Thanksgiving weekend at Rebecca Lane this year...Brian, Chick and I.  This year, Pop, Rosemary and Steve spent Thanksgiving (and Aunt Judy's birthday) in Ohio. Our table may have been small, but we had a wonderful and relaxing day with lots of good food and laughs.  

Our LONG weekend kicked off with our traditional Italian food night on Wednesday, after all the prep cooking was completed....it was time for a few glasses of wine and some good food and music. This year, Brian made a lasagna from scratch and it was really good.

Thanksgiving Day was a bit of the Marcy's parade, a 6 pound Black Friday newspaper, good food, football, naps, and Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special.  

Friday, Sandra and Brian hung Christmas lights on the house and we all enjoyed a nacho bar and an Oregon Ducks Civil War victory!

Brian left for Seattle early on Saturday morning and Sandra and I began to decorate the house for Christmas. This year, we concentrated on everything but the trees on Saturday. It only took us a few hours, but in the end we were glad that we started early so we could enjoy the rest of the day including binge watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel in our jammies!

Sunday we finished up the decorations on the outside including a laser light with lights shinning on our garage, courtesy of Home Depot ($39.95) and fulling decorating two Christmas trees!

Now our house is completely ready for the holidays and we will be able to enjoy the decorations each night when we get home from work.

Tell me about your Thanksgiving weekend and all the fun adventures you had.  Leave me a comment.