Friday, May 26, 2017

Old Photo Friday: That time I drank 6 coronas in Maui

WHO: Simon, Rosemary, Pop and Stacy
WHAT: Beers and burgers after a long afternoon on the golf course
WHERE: Kaanapali Maui
WHEN: April 2004

It's practically an urban legend by now, but having just come back from Maui I am reminded of the first trip we took and meeting up with my friend, Simon from Melbourne, Australia.  

After 18 holes of pretty poor golf (on my part), we stopped off at Johnny's Burger Joint located right at the 18th hole on the Kaanapali Golf Course. It was a hot day and I managed to drink 6 coronas and drop about $20 in the jukebox.

Johnny's is permanately closed now and something else is there, but every time I pass by I remember that super fun day.