Tuesday, February 7, 2017

6/52: Change of Plans for Super Bowl Weekend

Old Man Winter is at it again, folks!  He totally derailed my weekend plans and instead of my weekly train ride to Seattle Friday afternoon, I stayed home waiting for the snow and ice storm that never really materialized. 

Brian ended up taking a bus down and we spend most of Saturday editing his Series 65 class that he spent last week filming.  It is a long process, but fun working on it together.

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and it was the first time in three years that I didn't really care who was playing or where I was watching.

2016 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (best Super Bowl location watching, ever)

2015 - Seahawks lose at the last second to New England.  Boo hiss!

2014 - Seahawks win Super Bowl beating Denver Broncos.

The game is always entertaining.  The commercials were marginal (is it just me or have the Super Bowl commercials gone downhill), but Lady Gaga was AMAZING!

We had quite the spread of food and a big bowl of taco soup when the game was over.

My Pop, watching from Springfield, OR BEFORE he cut up his Patriots shirt at halftime.  Congratulations!  They came back and won in OT.  Amazing!  I guess it's time for a new shirt!