Friday, December 9, 2016

Old Photo Friday:Christmas Eve visit from Santa

WHO: Grandpa Ralph, Stacy and Santa Claus (old railroader friend of family)
WHEN: Christmas 1974
WHERE: Hilyard Street, Eugene, OR

Merry Christmas!

Every year that we had Christmas at Hilyard Street at Ralph and Virginia's, Santa Claus would stop by for a visit Christmas Eve. He would bring me a present, take a few photos and then slip into the kitchen for a ham sandwich and a whiskey with Ralph. He'd always come out of the kitchen with mustard from his sandwich dripping off his beard. 

I believe that Santa was an old railroader and did it as a favor for my grandparents.  At any rate, it was the highlight of Christmas eve for me and I am sure for him as well.  

Happy Holidays!