Thursday, December 29, 2016

52/52: Holiday Wrap Up!

As we get very close to 2017, I wanted to wrap up the last bits of 2016!

I love Christmas and it's always a huge let down after the holidays are over.  We had a wonderful time in Seattle and a very mellow time with friends and family.  The 10 days in Seattle just flew by.

We caught up with all of our Seattle friends and celebrated Christmas with each one, including a home cooked salmon dinner, a classic Christmas Eve Eve meal at the iconic Icon Grill and a Christmas Eve brunch at lake Morton.

We took a spontaneous walk up t Solstice park, the night before the longest night of the year to welcome the winter solstice and took a Christmas Eve drive along Beach Drive to see the Christmas lights.

Finally, we celebrated Christmas morning at home where Santa delivered us a houseful of gifts and we spent Christmas Day afternoon with my Mom and Kenny.