Thursday, August 18, 2016

Recipe of the Week: Summer Shandy

Do you know what a Shandy is?  These days, major beer distributors make them in mass bulk, but years and years ago, you just mixed them up at home.

A Shandy is a beer mixed with some form of a carbonated soft drink, such as lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale or fruit juice.  They are very popular in Western Europe, especially Germany. 

With Summer vacation starting soon, here are a couple of summer beer recipes to enjoy!


Southern Shandy


3 12 oz. bottles of cold beer (choose something light); Corona or Budweiser
4 cups of chilled lemonade (Newman's)
1/2 cup peach brandy


Combine all ingredients and stir.

Pour into glasses filled with ice.

(Makes 4 drinks)

Beer Old Fashioned Cocktail


1 oz. bourbon
6 oz. wheat-style ale
2-3 dashes of bitters
1 tsp. brown sugar
orange twist


In an old fashioned glass, add brown sugar, then a few dashes of bitters.  Add the bourbon, then middle until the sugar dissolves.  Put an ice cube in the glass, then add the beer. Squeeze the orange twist over the mixture and wipe the rim of the glass with the twist.

(Makes 1 drink)