Tuesday, June 7, 2016

23/52: Anniversary Weekend!

12 years!  Wow!  Brian and I have been together for 12 years.  Happy Anniversary, baby! Here is to 12 more and 12 more after that with another option for 12 more on top of another 12 more after 12 more.  I think you get my drift!

We drove back to Portland last Friday night.  It was nice to get home before dark and have a nice relaxing evening after a very shortened post holiday work week.  Our little boy was waiting for us when we walked in the door!

Saturday was SPECTACULAR!  Hot weather but a nice breeze.  A longer walk down Graham Street to Lincoln Park for over 4 miles.  Yea, us!  My baby cooked me an awesome cowboy hash, my favorite and we spent the rest of they day puttering around the house.

Our anniversary dinner was Italian at La Rustica along the water.  Amazing!  We sat outside and enjoyed an amazing bottle of Valpolicella wine, shared an appetizer of mussels in white wine and garlic before Brian's Chicken Parmesan and my Wild Boar Osso Bucco arrived.

Sunday was just plain HOT!  93 set a record in Seattle.  I was pretty happy to get on the air-conditioned train and head to Portland.