Wednesday, June 1, 2016

22/52: Memorial Day Long Weekend

I took Friday off so that we could have a true 4 day weekend!  "Let's kick off Summer", I said to Brian.

I told Brian weeks ago that Friday was a home day, an (almost) car free day a "let's not leave the peninsula" day.  I wanted time at home, time to putter, time for naps with Sammy and reading books and sipping Chardonnay, while making something good for dinner.  Some wishes were granted.  Our weather was not a participant in the plan, but we made the best of being at home and that's all I could have asked for.

Saturday we had drinks with Geoff (sans wife and kids who were out of town) and it was a fun afternoon of beer/wine and trivia (which I won).

Sunday we had an afternoon BBQ at my Mom and Kenny's.  They have such a lovely back patio and it was very relaxing.  Holiday weekends are meant to be spent celebrating with family and friends.

Monday was a Memorial Day BBQ at Lake Morton. It was such a different experience than the last time we stopped by the lake.  I wanted to stay into the evening and watch the sun set and sit out near the lake and roast marshmallows and laugh with our friends, but Portland was calling and the weekend was over and I reluctantly headed for the train, but in my mind I played back the weekend over and over and over again.