Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mexico 2016: Day 3

Tuesday, the weather improved and we spent a few hours up at the Sky Pool watching cruise ships pass by and whales and schools of fish frolicking in the Pacific Ocean.

We caught up with our beautiful friend Patty Rivera and had a late lunch at Maro's Shrimp House.  We chowed down on 6 butterflied grilled shrimp and two lobster tails for $16.95 and washed it all down with a Bull Dog (tequila, sprite and a Corona beer).

We really enjoyed catching up with Patty and seeing her new jewelry shop D'Garo Art and Jewelry. We picked out a couple of unique treasures all handcrafted by her.  It was a special treat to share an afternoon with a dear friend.

Since lunch was late and we chose not to have dinner, we spent some more time at Pueblo Bonito Rose people watching and sipping on a bottle of Chardonnay then the sky treated us to the moon rising above the Pacific Ocean.