Monday, February 15, 2016

Mexico 2016: Arrival plus Day 1

Welcome to PARADISE!

Easy flight, although a bit late and a huge line to get through immigration!  After a full day of travel, we arrived at Pueblo Bonito Sunset.

I forgot how extraordinary this place is.  Magical.  A warm breeze welcomed us, smelling of palm trees, cactus blossoms, honey and lemons.

We took some time to get settled into our room.  Luxurious with a breathtaking view (and an amazing upgrade to a suite with a hot tub).

Unfortunately, it was quite overcast so no sunset....but we had arrived and we were happy!

Neither one of us could wait to eat a bowl of tortilla soup.  Velvety and rich along with a salad was just what we needed after a long day of traveling.

We knew that "arrival" night might be an early one (we'd been up since 3 AM) so the bed felt super comfortable and we slept like babies!

As the sun came up, I grabbed my camera gear and headed for the patio.  It was a glorious start to the day.

Super Bowl Sunday was mellow.  The morning was spent at the pool and the afternoon was spent meeting new friends.  We were still catching up from yesterday's travels as we partied at the Manilla Bar with a room full of Broncos and Panthers (mostly Broncos).

Our first day got off to a great start!