Tuesday, January 26, 2016

4/52: Seattle Underground Tour and Lunch at Fado's Irish Pub

Seattle has an underground network of passageways and basements that was ground level at the city's origin in the mid-19th century.  After the streets were elevated these spaces fell into disuse, but have become a tourist attraction in recent decades.

Last Saturday, Brian and I took Bill Speidel's Underground Tour in Pioneer Square.

The great Seattle fire in 1889 destroyed 31 blocks and as part of the rebuilding, the streets were regraded to one to two stories higher than before.  Since Pioneer Square was built mostly on filled-in tidelands, it often flooded.  The new street level also assisted the ensuring that gravity-assisted flush toilets that funneled into Elliott Bay, did not back up at high tide.

In 1965, local citizen, Bill Speidel realized that there might be some interest in these subterranean ruins.  He establish a tour and began taking customers to see what was left under Pioneer Square.  

Over the years the underground structures have been steadily refurbished to be more visually appealing, however the tour remains authentic and popular for visitors and locals.

We really enjoyed it!  Our tour guide was informative and entertaining and it was interesting to hear about the history of Seattle.

After the tour we walked over to Fado's Irish Pub for lunch.  I was really impressed with their menu and it was a fun location to check out.  Since we took the bus downtown from West Seattle we wanted a place close to Pioneer Square.

We enjoyed Blue Cheese Lamb Sliders and Smithwick's Marinated Ground Beef Sliders and two big plates of chips before heading home.