Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3/52: Another Quiet Weekend with Lots of Good Food and Drink!

It rained a lot over the weekend which is one reason why our only real outing of the week was to Ikea and the grocery store to buy good food to eat.  I truly believe that nothing warms the heart and spirit like cooking or being cooked for.

Brian treated me like a Queen on Friday night and served a wonderful casserole and salad. On Saturday he made the best Cowboy Hash to warm our bellies and start our day.  Just enough fuel for a trip through Ikea before coming home for tea and Swedish cookies.

Unfortunately, our Seahawks lost on Sunday and will NOT be going to Super Bowl 50.  It was a tough season, unlike the last two that had bits of magic, shock and awe...Sunday was the final letdown to a frustrating year.  I am seriously ready for baseball season.