Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2/52: A Birthday Celebration and a Quiet Weekend

January is always a bit of a letdown from the amazing month of December.  We've done our best to ring in the New Year and get going, but activities are few and far between on the calendar. Do you have the January blahs?

This past Tuesday was Chick's birthday so we celebrated at one of her favorite restaurants, Decarli right in downtown Beaverton.  We caught Uber so we could share a bottle of wine and had an amazing dinner and celebration (picture of short ribs that were amazing).

Friday, I caught the early train to Seattle and Brian and I had Date Night at Elliott Bay Brew Pub.

To round off the weekend, we stayed fairly close to home on Saturday minus a much needed walk through Lincoln Park, few errands, a haircut and a trip to the grocery store. Sammy enjoyed the home time!

We managed to watch three episodes of Broadchurch Season 2 on Netflix.  I must say that it is quite possibly one of the best series I've ever seen on TV.  Tremendous acting and a gripping story.  I "binge" watched season 1 on New Years Day in 8 hours STRAIGHT!  Check it out!

Sunday was the Golden Globes back in Portland.  We had a three course meal and a bottle of sparkling wine!

How was your weekend?