Friday, November 13, 2015

Old Photo Friday: Happy Thanksgiving 1981

WHO: My dear sweet "maternal" family (clockwise): Great-Grandma Bea, Aunt Laura, my cousin Matt, Uncle Mickey, cousin Corey, Uncle Larry (at head of table), step-dad Kenny (just one of his eyes), my mother Jennifer and her mother (my grandma) Virginia. Missing is my aunt Charley who most likely took the picture
WHAT: Thanksgiving Dinner
WHERE: Grandma Virginia's in Junction City, OR
WHEN: back of picture says Thanksgiving 1981

Happy Thanksgiving!  These holiday memories are always so strong and clear.  Most likely, I was with my Dad at Aunt Pat's for Thanksgiving but my mother's side of the family gathered together for dinner in Junction City.  This was probably my great-grandma Bea's final holiday.  I believe she died sometime in 1982.

I hope where ever you spend this holiday weekend that you are surrounded by the memories of family and the love, hope and comfort of giving thanks.