Tuesday, November 10, 2015

46/52: Rain and Blues

Friday night was my first commute to Seattle entirely in the dark.  I miss the long days, especially when I travel on Friday nights.  It's cold, dark nights like Friday that I am reminded how lucky I am to travel by train (or in this case, the Bolt Bus). I did manage to sneak in a quick dinner downtown at the Veggie Grill before the bus headed north!

We spent Saturday night listening to a bit of music at the Easy Monkey Tap House.  My step-dad Kenny played two sets on bass with the Rusty Williams Band.  Their music is toe tapping rhythm and blues with some original songs and some classic oldies thrown in for good measure.  

We packed up the car up on Sunday and headed to Portland dodging rain showers the entire trip south.

How did you spend the first weekend in November?