Tuesday, September 15, 2015

38/52: Girl's Weekend 2015 in Portland

The second weekend in September is hereby declared...ANNUAL GIRL'S WEEKEND in Portland!

In honor of this occasion, Chick and I spent Saturday afternoon shopping along NW 23rd Avenue in Portland followed by a long lunch at Jo Bar.

We've thought about going to other places in the city, but we always end up back on NW 23rd...plus I can't resist the best place in all of Portland to people watch!

It's been an amazing summer and capping off one of the last Saturday's of summer in Portland is always memorable.

We ended up with quite a haul...a bit of this and that and celebrated our treasures with an amazing bottle of Chardonnay and an incredible lunch.  Chick had the Jo Bar burger and I had the scallop risotto with capers, saffron and cherry tomatoes. FABULOUS!!!

Our haul included...

Decorative napkins from Kitchen Kaboodle
Bath bombs from Lush
Black Shoe Boots from Ether
A chalkboard heart from Paper Source
Pumpkin Sauce from Williams Sonoma
Chocolates from Moonstruck

Hooray for Girl's Weekend!