Wednesday, September 9, 2015

37/52: What did you do for Summer Vacation?

I am completely envious of all the school kids who get summers off.  I long for day after day of lounging by the pool, long walks along the beach, star gazing after twilight, sleeping in until noon with nothing to schedule to adhere too.  This is why I plan at least one week in the summer to relive the summers of my youth!

So how did I spent my summer vacation you ask?  These pictures don't do the 10 days justice!

I walked 6 out of 10 days and once completely alone while Brian worked.  My goal was working out everyday, but I am still pleased that I got out as much as I did.

One of my vacation highlights was quality time at home with Brian and Sammy.  Despite Brian working a few days, I had time to putter around the house with Sammy, plant fall flowers, enjoy an amazing massage at Chill, decorate the house for Brian's birthday and prepared a baked lasagna for dinner.

We celebrated Brian's 55th Birthday with a BBQ at my Mom and Kenny's and then on his actual birthday, we had an amazing meal at Cactus on Alki, then took a brief stroll along the beach (almost saying goodbye to Summer because the weather was so cool).

We took the ferry across Fauntleroy to Vashon Island and explored Point Robinson Lighthouse, then took the Talequah Ferry to Port Defiance and had lunch at Katie Downs. That was a fabulous day!

We treated my Mom to one of her birthday wishes with a ride on Seattle's Great Wheel, followed by juicy burgers at Red Robin.  Thanks, Kenny for lunch!

Labor Day weekend we enjoyed a set with the Rusty Williams Band at the Easy Monkey Taphouse.  They play great R&B and on Sunday we had brunch at Lake Morton and then grilled hot dogs at home.

I am back in Portland now, and am enjoying looking through all my photos and memories of my wonderful summer vacation.

Until next summer......