Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow: Month #2

My garden is doing really well, mostly due to the extremely hot weather we have had for the past month.

I wish I had planted more green beans as one plant really isn't producing the amount of green beans we would like to eat!  Next year, three plants would give us a great haul week after week.

My tomato "bush" is growing nicely and I have already picked two tomatoes this week and have a few "pinking" up.

I've lost two zucchini early to blossom rot, but just picked my first one last night!  I've got at least 3 or 4 viable zucchini growing that I think will make it.

I don't think that the zucchini needs much water and in fact, I might be over watering.  Typically I water my garden in the early morning every other day. Because we've had no rain in 45 days and it's been hot, I figured that this would be adequate but perhaps squash needs little water.  I'll keep my eye on it going forward.  It might also be a soil problem.

I've not planted any herbs.  It's been so stinking hot in the afternoons and evenings that you just don't want to do anything outside, which is really disappointing.  Perhaps this next week will be cooler and I can spend sometime outdoors.