Sunday, April 19, 2015

MAUI 2015: Our Arrival

We have arrived in PARADISE!! A beautiful week ahead in Maui and this time with my Pop and Rosemary!

They arrived from Eugene about 90 minutes before our plane landed so once we hooked up and got the rental car, it was full steam ahead to Lahaina Coolers.

This trip is all about showing Pop and Rosemary OUR Maui (they are lucky enough to be staying on for another 10 days after we leave next Saturday).

As always, Saturday's arrival is all about getting settled...going to the store, getting the wine chilled and finding a place to watch that first sunset!

What an extra special treat when two weeks before our arrival, Brian's Brother Kerry and SIL, Julie announced that they were flying over from Honolulu for a few days.

It was nice for my family to meet some of Brian's family after 11 years!!

After the sun went down, it was across the street to Dollies for pizza and salad (and I dropped about $15 in the jukebox)!

Today it sounds like we are up for anything!  We are on Maui Time and just super excited to be here!!