Tuesday, March 3, 2015

9/52: Harbor Seal Sighting in West Seattle

What an amazing treat to finally see a baby seal pup resting on the beach at Lincoln Park.  Seal pup birthing season is June through September (but they can be born as early as April).  This little guy is probably 5 or 6 months old, born last fall we suspect.

Harbor seal pups haul themselves out of the water to rest and enjoy the sunshine.  Brian was walking on the beach about 100 yards away from him when a passerby asked him to move off the beach.

There is a network of "Seal Sitters" who comb the beach regularly to assist in protecting these delicate creatures.  Only 50% of harbor seals survive their first year.  If you come across a seal, you are asked to call the seal sitters immediately.  Several people on the beach were already calling the sitters when we arrived.

It's a law that you must never touch a seal and dogs are strictly forbidden on the beach in this area.

It was amazing to just watch this little guy and snap a few pictures.

It was another beautiful and unseasonable weekend in the Pacific Northwest. On Thursday it was announced that we had our warmest winter ever on record.

We enjoyed the blue skies by walking through Lincoln Park both Saturday and Sunday for a total of over 5 miles combined.

As you can see by the video below, Saturday was a bit breezy resulting in some pounding waves.