Tuesday, March 31, 2015

13/52: Home Alone

It was just me and Sammy this weekend in West Seattle.  Brian flew to Delaware for business on Wednesday, then stayed through the weekend to see friends and family.  

In all honesty, I was quite lonely, but extremely content. Having just spent a pretty wild week with family at Rebecca Lane, Sammy and I found Seattle to be extremely quiet, but refreshing!

On Saturday, we decorated the house for Easter!  Our pear tree is in full bloom and each time I walked past the dinning room window it brought a smile to my face.  I just love Spring!

Most of the rest of Saturday was spent wrapped up in a blanket reading my new book, The Girl on The Train (I...could not...put...this...book...down).  It took me 52 hours to read it from start to finish!

There were afternoon naps with Sammy...a bit of basketball in the late afternoon and a wonderfully easy pasta dish.

How was your weekend?