Tuesday, March 17, 2015

11/52: Leftover week/weekend

A bit of this and that this past week/weekend.

On Friday I took the Bolt Bus up to Seattle.  I had an hour to kill which I took advantage of at Starbucks...sipping on an Oprah Chai Tea, nibbling on a butterfly cookie and reading my book.

Last Wednesday night, Chick and I used a LivingSocial "coupon" to one of our favorite bistro/cafes in West Linn, OR called Allium.

Chick had the Wild Boar Pasta which was delicious and I had three sensational scallops over a cassoulet broth with smoked pork and hominy.

The highlight of the evening was the cauliflower/mushroom veloute (soup), which is a silky smooth french sauce (adapted into a soup), which was topped with fresh crab meat and roasted chesnuts.

Saturday night we celebrated an early St. Patrick's Day/upcoming Spring with dinner at my Mom and Kenny's.  I brought St. Patty's chocolate Petit Fours, which were quite good despite being filled with almond paste (how was I to know?).

Mom's table was lovely!

The rains came down hard on Sunday and we packed up and headed back down to Portland leaving behind this precious birthday boy, Sammy who turned 7 over the weekend.