Wednesday, February 25, 2015

8/52: Oscar Party Wrap-Up!

All ready for the red carpet!

This past weekend was all about the academy awards.

Here is my summary of our menu (Wolfgang Puck eat your heart out) and the awards show.

Our Red Carpet and Oscar food this year was phenomenal.  From the Grand Budapest Crab Stack Salad to the Selma Sliders, we ate like movie stars!

On to the awards.....

Best Dressed

Anna Kendrick in custom Thakoon

Anna was among the first to step on the red carpet and it set the tone for the evening.  This color was fabulous on her.

Oscar Host

Okay, he started off edgy, but then most of his jokes failed to deliver (but most Oscar jokes do).  Unfortunately, in a desire to move away from the Tony and Emmy shows that he has also hosted, he just didn't connect with the audience at the awards or at home.  He was awkward and his interactions with the audience, well....just were not at all funny (what was the thing with Octavia Spencer all about)?

The Oscars are still looking for a permanent host and unless Billy Crystal is willing to come back or Amy Poehler and Tina Fey agree.....I think that they are just going to keep looking.

Best Acceptance Speech

It's a toss up between Patricia Arquette and J.K. Simmons.

The audience went crazy over Arquette's equal pay speech, but just as moving was the simplicity and thoughtfulness in Simmons simply wanting us all to call our mothers.

Best Musical Performance

In years when musical performances have been bland, this year it was hard to pick my favorite.  From Adam Levine's "Lost Stars" to Tim McGraw's gut-wrenching performance of Glen Campbell's "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" and Rita Ora's "Grateful" was the highlight of the evening.  

The best however, was saved until the last and John Legend and Common's "Glory" performance and immediate Oscar win brought many in the audience to tears.

Moment of the Night

Did you all know that Lady Gaga can sing?  I think most people probably cringed when they heard that she was performing a tribute to the much loved "The Sound of Music"...but, the girl can sing!  Julie Andrews walking out on stage was classic and I think the whole things was really well done.

Best Win

Chick and I were both pulling for Eddie Redmayne and it was the highlight of our night to see him take home the Oscar.  His performance in "The Theory of Everything" was outstanding.

Let me know your thoughts on the 2015 Oscars.