Friday, November 7, 2014

Old Photo Friday: Thanksgiving Part I

WHO: Uncle Mickey, his Daughter (my cousin) Monica and his first wife, Judy (to his left is Candy Dahl), to Judy's right (in the dark rimmed glasses) is my Great Grandma, Bea

WHAT: Thanksgiving Dinner

WHERE: This is the dining room at Gram and Ralph's place on Hilyard Street in Eugene, OR

WHEN: Thanksgiving 1967

I am not sure why my Grandma Virginia and Ralph hosted Thanksgiving in 1967.  Every year since before my birth until the mid 1990's, Thanksgiving dinner was held at my Aunt Pat and Uncle Bud's home (Candy's parents).  At any rate, I found this photo in an album with the heading, "Thanksgiving 1967" (plus the napkins have turkeys on them) I can only assume that this year we had dinner on Hilyard Street.  My Uncle (mom's brother) has always been a clown, the life of the party and one of the funniest guys I know.

Happy Thanksgiving!