Friday, November 28, 2014

Old Photo Friday: Christmas Memories, Part I

WHO: (Sitting down) Grandma Virginia and my Pop, Jim (I believe the person standing is my Great-Grandma Bea's husband, Tex.  The dog is the mean and nasty Simon!
WHAT: Christmas Eve
WHERE: I think this is Hilyard Street in Eugene, but it might be Bea and Tex's home.  Not sure where?
WHEN: December 1965-66

This is a typical Christmas Eve with my family.  I see my Gram is drinking a screwdriver and she's in her PJ's for Christmas Eve.  It appears that all the gifts have been just opened (I doubt it's later than 6:30PM).  

One can only assume that my mother is taking the picture and perhaps Ralph is working as an Engineer for the railroad?  Christmas 1965 would have been the first Christmas my parents were married.