Sunday, June 15, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: Mid June 2014

Welcome to Monday!

We have two splurges on the menu this week.  I've been so hungry for ribs and the first round that I cooked over Memorial Day were disappointing.  I need a do-over!  

Also, I've been dying to try a new recipe from my Extra Virgin Cookbook since it arrived just after my birthday.  A co-worker of Chick's makes his own panchetta so it will be a real treat to cook.

So it's an extra workout week and three really light and health recipes to balance everything out!

Remember to check out Laura's website for more menus and planning ideas.


Sunday: Baby Back Ribs, Cole Slaw and Corn on the Cob
Monday: Weight Watchers Portobello Burgers with Basil Mayo (Meatless Monday)
Tuesday:  Weight Watchers Warm Bean Salsa Chicken with Salad
Wednesday:Fish Sandwich with Tater Tots
Thursday: Extra Virgin Spaghetti Carbonara