Wednesday, June 25, 2014

26/52: How does your garden grow?

It's been a frustrating start to the garden this year.

Our weather has been incredible with not much rain and more abundant sunshine than our last two May/Junes.

My broccoli loved it so much, it bolted!  No heads just long shoots that would flower in 24/48 hours if not snipped.  What gives?  Perhaps it was too warm?  I've had better luck in the fall.

Just in case we don't have enough tomatoes (three plants in Seattle) addition to my two early girls in Portland, I planted a yellow pair tomato in a pot on a whim.  The blooms on the tomatoes are just starting to appear.  It will most likely be 6-8 weeks until I am actually picking anything.

I finally found a good sized basil plant along with oregano and rosemary. 

It was a disappointing blow that my rosemary bush of two years did not survive last winter.  Once again we start over!

My spring onions look good.  I might start to harvest a few just after July 4th.

Finally, I removed two broccoli plants and added an acorn squash.  I've had mixed results with squash, but nothing tastes better than acorn squash roasted on a cool October evening.

How does your garden grow?