Friday, April 4, 2014

Old Photo Friday: Friday Night with Baby Stacy

WHO: Stacy Dare Brady (and I believe that is long time family friend, Dorothy Ross with me)
WHAT: Friday night card game
WHERE: E Street in Springfield, OR
WHEN: I look to be 3-4 months Summer of 1969

This was a typical Friday night at E Street in Springfield, the summer of 1969.  Who knows....maybe Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on this day?  Notice the ashtray, matches and the deck of cards!  The cute baby was me and I was the center of attention.

Since my birthday month is upon us, this month's Old Photo Friday posts will be all about me!


UPDATE:  Both Pop and Aunt Judy claim that the picture is of Grandma Marie (not Dorothy) and the square box on the table is not a deck of cards, but a pack of cigarettes.  Like I said, good times at E Street