Sunday, December 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Welcome 2014!


Welcome to another Monday and another year and also welcome to the world of menu planning.  If you don't know about Menu Plan Monday, since we are starting fresh this week with another month and a whole new year, here is the run down.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a food/craft/lifestyle blogger who was a part of Menu Plan Monday.  I loved the idea of posting menus and recipes since I've been planning menus for a long time.  I visited Laura's Menu Plan Monday site and I was hooked.

Every Sunday afternoon (about 3PM), I post my menu for the week and link it up to her site on Monday morning and she rounds up all the blog posts together.  It's a great way to share recipes, planning ideas, nutrition and penny saving tips.  Trust me....planning your meals saves you time and big time money at the grocery store.

This week is a bit weird on account of the holiday, but here is our plan for the week!


Sunday: Dinner with friends!
Monday: Ducks play in Alamo Bowl; sounds like a crock pot day!
New Years Eve: An afternoon of Champagne and Sushi at Snoqualmie Casino (but I'll make a big dish of baked macaroni and cheese in case we get hungry before midnight) 
New Years Day: An early morning drive back to Portland followed by appetizers and a nacho bar for all the big games!
Thursday: Bridgette Jones' Turkey Curry Buffet (might this be the last of the turkey)
Friday: Chick's choice - Birthday Weekend Starts!